Richard Smith

screenwriter / director


Continuing my habit of announcing news months after it's happened, I'm very excited to be in business with the wonderful David Boxerbaum at Paradigm. It's been a mad year (more details soon I hope), and hopefully there's only more madness to come, so this is just the beginning... Rest of Team Me now reads: Andrew Wilson at Zero Gravity (manager), Tanya Mallean at Skrzyniarz & Mallean (lawyer) and Charlotte Knight at Knight Hall Agency (UK agent). Let's do this!


What happens when a film switches settings? The writer goes on tour! Big thanks to all the okies, roughnecks and historians who are taking such good care of me - this place has a rich, complex and wonderful past (and present). Excited for what this will do for IN HER NAME - stay tuned! Oh, and did I mention there have been incredible developments moving the whole project forward? Yeah, that's because I'm not allowed to. Darn it!


More to come on this soon I hope, but excited to be working with Nigel Sinclair's White Horse Pictures (Nigel's credits include Rush, Ides of March, Let Me In and maybe a billion others) and Jonny Paterson's JP Int (Jonny's first feature, Halfway, is rocking festivals right now) on my original thriller, IN HER NAME. Quick shout out to Hicham Benkirane and Nick Ferrall, and of course Andrew Wilson at Zero Gravity. This one's a real passion project, and not just because it's set in Mississippi (thanks in-laws, you're all in there!). Without saying too much, the movie is about a cityboy New Yorker whose fiancee is taken into the witness protection program - and three years later, he finds himself in rural Mississippi, identifying her body, after her supposedly accidental death...